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Top Colleges and Universities in Dubai

University education is considered as an important part of the tertiary education everywhere in the world. Dubai is no exception. Universities of Dubai are popular all over world for providing some top-class higher educational courses. The universities of Dubai follow the following order of educational hierarchy –

  1. Graduate level education

  2. Postgraduate level education

  3. Doctoral education

  4. Post-doctoral education


Now it should be mentioned that doctoral and post-doctoral courses are the research level oriented educations. Foreign students prefer mainly the graduate level and post graduate level educations in Dubai.

There are various types of universities in Dubai depending on the educational courses. Some of them are

  • Language universities – here the higher education courses on the languages are offered

  • Technical universities – here the technical courses like engineering are offered

  • Medical universities – bachelors’ degree and masters’ degree educations on medicine are provided here

Apart from that the universities in Dubai can divided in two broader categories. There are some public universities in Dubai, which are maintained and funded by the government of Dubai. Tuition fees are in the lower side in these universities. On other hand, there is another type of university which is known as the private university. Some individual or a group owns these universities. Tuition fees are generally on the higher side in these universities, but excellent amenities are provided to the students. The universities in Dubai need to receive an affiliation from a recognized educational board.

The degrees conferred by the universities of Dubai are considered as valuable ones and they are recognized all over the world. Maximum of the universities in Dubai provide the accommodation facilities for the foreign students. Some of the leading universities offer admission to the best students after an entrance tests. Foreign students are allowed to take admissions if they obtain a students’ visa.

Top Colleges and Universities in Dubai, UAE


Colleges and Universities which offers undergraduate program in Dubai


Aga Khan University


Al Ghurair University

American University in Dubai

American University of the Emirates

Amity University Dubai 

Bharathiar University Dubai 

Biotechnology University College Dubai 

Canadian University of Dubai 

Cass Business School Dubai


Centennial University of Dubai


Coventry University Dubai 


Dubai Aerospace University

Dubai Polytechnic

Dubai University College


Duke University Dubai


European University College Brussels Dubai


Exeter University Dubai


French Fashion University Dubai


Fuqua School of Business Dubai 

Griggs University Dubai


Hamdan eTQM University


Harvard Medical School Dubai 

Heriot Watt University Dubai 


Hult International Business School Dubai 


Indira Gandhi National Open University Dubai

Islamic Azad University


Jumeirah University 


Kidville University


London Business School Dubai


Murdoch University Dubai

MUST University Dubai 

National Law School of India Dubai


Nottingham University Dubai PGCE


Philippine University Dubai


PIM International Center Dubai


Pune University Dubai


Quaid i Azam University Dubai

Russian University Dubai


Shahid Beheshti University Dubai

St Joseph University Dubai


Stafford University Dubai


Strathclyde Dubai 


Syracuse University Dubai




UAE University Knowledge Village

University of Atlanta Dubai


University of Bradford Dubai


University of Connecticut Dubai


University of Dubai


University of Jazeera Dubai


University of Karachi Dubai 


University of Maryland Dubai


University of New Brunswick Dubai


University of Phoenix Dubai

University of Southern Queensland Dubai


University of Sunderland PGCE


University of Waterloo Dubai


University of Wollongong Dubai


VIT University Dubai


Webpreneur University Dubai


Zayed University Academic City Dubai


Zayed University Knowledge Village




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